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Working at the KRAVT Hotel is a great opportunity to join a promising network, receive access to training programs and develop a career within a young hotel brand. Work with experienced professionals, sincerely in love with their work, sharing the philosophy companies and its desire to take a leading position in the market, making a worthy competition international network brands.

Evgenia Mironenko
Evgenia Mironenko
Operational Director, Kravt Invest LLC

Career Eugene in the hospitality industry began in 2004, and continues successfully to this day. In the management company "Kravt Invest" is responsible for operating activities and development of the hotel direction. The richest experience and the highest professional qualities are combined with love for the Guests and employees of the company. Evgenia believes that solving operational problems, analytics and market research is only one part of the successful work of the Hotel, and the main attention should be paid to working with people and providing the best conditions for staff. "The KRAVT team is purposeful, reliable employees who expect prospects, interesting tasks and opportunities for development from their work."

Julia Dolgova
Julia Dolgova
Hotel KRAVT Manager

Julia joined the KRAVT team, already having a wealth of experience and dedication. Having worked for 5 years in another hotel as the Head of Reception, Yulia became the Managing Hotel in KRAVT. Julia very responsibly approaches her work, at KRAVT she immediately appreciated the high level of professionalism of the workers and the good atmosphere in the team. She was struck by the atmosphere of full support and mutual assistance, her colleagues are always ready to help in any business. Yulia interviews applicants for hotel vacancies, first of all, she noted that in the applicants it is very important to have a desire to develop, grow over herself and a desire to build a career in the hospitality industry. Responsibility, goodwill and competent speech are also very important. For those who want to build a career in KRAVT, Julia with a smile gives advice to be more open to new opportunities and smile more, because without this, the hotel business is nowhere.


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