Lomonosov Square

This place is located 700 m from the Kravt hotel.

This square was created by the great architect Carlo Rossi. It is framed by a large architectural ensemble comprising of Ostrovsky Square, Alexandrinsky Theatre, and Theatre Street (now Architect Rossi Street). Therefore, to get acquainted with Lomonosov Square is to get acquainted with these places as well. Only then will the curious gaze of visiting eyes really capture one of the city's best ensembles of high classicism in all its glory.

In the 18th century this was an empty space serving as the backyard of the Anichkov Palace near Chernyshev Lane. In the 1820s, the reconstruction of the territory was entrusted to Rossi. He designed a semi-circular area surrounded by several similar buildings. They housed the Ministry of Education of the Russian Empire and the Ministry of the Interior. Over Chernyshev Lane Rossi created one of his favorite arcs. The square itself was named Chernyshevsky.

In the late 1870s a park was built in the center of the square that was named in honor of the great Russian polymath and scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. In 1892, a bust of Lomonosov by sculptor Parmenas Zabello was placed in the park. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 1948 the square was renamed after Lomonosov, as well as Chernyshev Lane and Chernyshev Bridge over the Fontanka River.