Salt town

This place is located 2200 m from the Kravt hotel.

The “Salt town” a district in St. Petersburg center, in a small area which fits a lot of interest objects. At the beginning of the XVIII century here worked Particularistic shipyard, which built small vessels mainly for personal use. Later, when the city grew whole block buildings were used for salt and wine warehouses, called Salt town.

In the XIX century, after the abolition of state monopoly on the salt trade, stores were closed, and some time later remodeled building was used for the All-Russian Exhibition Manufactory.

Almost immediately after this in an empty and poor neighborhood began to appear institutions of science and culture - Russian Technical Society, the Museum of Agriculture, Technical Drawing School (now - Academy of Art and Industry), the Museum of crafts and others.

Another interesting building in the area - Panteleimonovskaya Сhurch, which was built in 1739 on the Pestel street, which is also a great example of the early Baroque in religious architecture. On the Salt Lane lived many interesting figures like architect Visconti, composers Borodin (house number 2) and Tchaikovsky (house number 6). And in the building 12 once was housed a gymnasium, where studied Marshak, Zoshchenko and Merezhkovsky. Nearby is the Museum of the Siege of Leningrad.